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How to fix SQL Server when you have changed your computer name

Sure every SQL Server wants to feel special.. But before you take it out on the town and give it a new name and a dinner, and a show.. Just keep in mind the SQL SERVER WILL CRASH AND BURN TO PIECES if you change your machine name..

You see there are tables in your SQL Server that explain what the machine is called that it resides on.. This is kinda important and if SQL Server can’t ‘find itself’ you start hitting all sorts of problems.

VMWare & NFS for Windows (with a little iSCSI thrown in) for free(ish)

Working in an environment where we have 100 or so Virtual Machines running across for a multitude of ESX Servers it becomes exponentially harder to maintain them as users begin to want to copy, backup, duplicate & migrate Virtual Machines from different ESXi Servers within our organisation. It was time to implement some additional, external, centrally managed storage to store and maintain the expanding collection of virtual machines we have.

Running Media Player Classic with Microsoft Media Center

As an avid Media Center User I have many many nice things to say about it.. Though I have always been a little annoyed and the poor video format support in Microsoft Media Center. When I found out the new version of MediaBrowser had the ability to user other applications to watch Videos, rather than the internal decoder, I jumped straight in and configured it to launch Media Player Classic Home Cinema Edition to as it’s always been my favourite media player for Windows.

“Compositing not enabled” message in Ubuntu 11 Natty Narwhal when using Unity-2D or Classic Desktop

A quick one:

If anyone is expericning ‘compositing not enabled’ issues with their applications on Ubuntu 11 – even though you have Compiz installed and it’s saying that Compositing IS enabled try this application below from Mariano Chavero.

This worked perfectly for me to re-enable compositing after upgrading to Natty Narwhal..

Microsoft Threat Management Gateway (TMG) – Intermittent connection issues and timeouts

After the installation of a brand new TMG Server (TMG stands for Threat Management Gateway which is the new name for Microsoft’s ISA Server Software of old) some of the internal clients complained of unusual connection issues – including web page dropouts, ftp access issues, IM applications connecting and disconnecting over and over etc. All these issues were sporadic, over time they would improve and then bam would return again..

iPhone & OpenSSH – session dropouts

I was having a problem with my Jailbroken iPhone where every time I tried to SSH into my phone with WinSCP (a great SFTP\FTP Client for Windows) it would allow me to connect for about 15 seconds or so and then completely disconnect. Most times after this I would no longer be able to SSH in and the only fix was to go back to Cydia and reinstall OpenSSH again.