iPhone & OpenSSH – session dropouts


I was having a problem with my Jailbroken iPhone where every time I tried to SSH into my phone with WinSCP (a great SFTP\FTP Client for Windows) it would allow me to connect for about 15 seconds or so and then completely disconnect. Most times after this I would no longer be able to SSH in and the only fix was to go back to Cydia and reinstall OpenSSH again.

This was quite time consuming and really defeated the purpose of having an SSH Daemon running the whole time that wouldn’t receive connections.

I finally discovered a way to fix this if you too are having the same problem:

  1. If you don’t have iFile go and get it. It’s brilliant and allows you to do so much more from the comfort of your lounge chair that you would normally require SSH for. One of my top 5 tools for iPhone.
  2. Navigate to /etc/
  3. Delete the ‘ssh’ folder
  4. Reinstall OpenSSH from Cydia
  5. Smile because your connection problems will now be gone and you will be uploading MP4 copies of your Golden Girls DVD’s again in no time!
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