Telstra NextG USB Devices, VPN’s and the evil therein..


Telstra’s Sierra based NextG USB Dongles, surprise surprise, have massive problems with VPN connections in Windows7 – this is mainly to do with the WWAN drivers that Microsoft VPN & the Sierra Cards use.. They do not play well together from all reports.

There are two solutions to the problem. Both have their merits – I went down the DUN path myself.

Option 1 – Installing an update to the Telstra Connection Software from Sierra

Update: This link no longer works. Try the link down below!

Option 2 – Configure the Sierra USB Device in Windows7 Dial Up Networking

I hope this helps someone else and that they have hair left once they get to this page.. It literally took me about 6 hours of VPN Server\Client diagnostics with a user’s laptop to come up with the only thing different from normal users’ laptops was this stupid Telstra NextG USB 308 Sierra device.

Update: Sierra have broken the links above! If you are still looking for the driver to fix VPN issues with the Telstra USB308 and other Sierra USB devices it can be found here:

The main one to install from this page is the ‘Telstra Watcher’ if you are having VPN issues. The filename is ‘Watcher_Telstra_B3006.msi‘.

Just download and install.

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