Syncing your Outlook with Gmail Contacts and Calendars

One of my biggest issues in living in a mainly Microsoft Garden (Windows Phone, Windows 10 Laptop, Windows 8 Desktop) is that syncing contacts between my phone and other devices has always been an issue. A long long time ago I started keeping my Contacts in Google Contacts as this almost universally had support across IOS, Android and Windows Phone should I swap and change devices over the coming years.

Only thing it didn’t sync with – Outlook.

I use Outlook every day. It’s a great business email application and I just wished it had Google contacts syncing of some sort so I could keep all my contacts unified..

Along comes.. Go Mobile Sync Mod!

SourceForge here..

Great product and highly recommend it. It allows you to keep your Google Contacts/Gmail Contacts in sync with your Outlook. Lately they have also added Calendar sync which seems to work beautifully straight away.

For anyone experiencing the same problem as me I would recommend giving it a try and see if it helps with your syncing woes.


– The Ninja.

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