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TorrentGrabber v3 – Now with 100% more grabbing!

TorrentGrabber – check for your new TV show episodes and get them loaded to your Torrent Application automatically.. and get notified when they arrive!

I love all the free & legal content you can get from around the globe. I especially like when broadcasters and other sources put their content up for free so we can legally download it. What I don’t like is being bombarded with ads and other junk when I visit legal torrent site so I wrote TorrentGrabber to go off and automatically download the shows I like.

Tosh.0 – The largest photo on the webternet

In case you didn’t know Tosh.0 is pretty much my favourite TV show in the entire cosmos, well that and Community.. A simple concept (just show web clips and make fun of people) with a smart, witty, hilarious guy Daniel Tosh to run it makes for fantastic viewing.

You can follow the daily shenanigans for Tosh.0 on Daniel Tosh’s Twitter – @DanielTosh – there’s always something to read about on there.. Or his Comedy Central blog..