InControlCMD – Command Line Control of InControl HA ZWave Devices

InControl HA from Moonlitz Software is my preferred Home Automation Software.

It supports a multitude of ZWave devices and, of late, has an extensible plugin system so you can incorporate other non-zwave devices into the fold and control them via InControl’s iPad, iPhone, Android & Windows Phone UI’s.

InControlCMD is a Command Line executable I wrote which allows you to turn devices on and off from the Command Line. This is especially handy if you want to script actions external to InControl but also incorporate controlling devices within InControl.

Download InControlCMD

Usage is pretty simple:

InControlCMD.exe /d {deviceGUID} /p {powerlevel}

Fill in the InControlCMD.exe.config file to point to your InControl Server and then you can run the app and provide an InControl deviceGUID and power level. A power level of 0 will turn off the device, any other level will turn the device on.

So I have a Lamp at home which in InControl is DeviceID {3945da9e-ede6-4e91-b13e-9564f9c827cd} which you could turn off with the following command:

c:\InControlCMD\incontrolcmd.exe /d 3335bf9d-a4c5-42ca-8c80-31b0b83eba41 /p 0

You can also provide multiple devices to set at once with a comma seperated list of DeviceID’s:

c:\InControlCMD\incontrolcmd.exe /d 3335bf9d-a4c5-42ca-8c80-31b0b83eba41,3945da9e-ede6-4e91-b13e-9564f9c827cd /p 0

(Take note of the no brackets around the Device ID’s)

Good luck and I hope this helps some InControl fans out there!

– TheNinja.


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  • mydroid76

    I need some assistance in finding my device guids. I’m hitting a brick wall everywhere I turn on this software. I’m having a hard time finding much documentation on how to “do things” and what I am finding is from last year and doesn’t appear to work anymore such as using on{x} to control scenes based on location. I’m wanting to setup where lights do certain things when i pull up in the yard but like i mentioned, having a hard time finding any recent documentation. Any assistance and pointing in the right direction would be much appreciated. I don’t mind doing the research and teaching myself how to do it, just need access to the right material I guess.

    Thank you

    • adamcaz

      Hi mydroid76.. There is an InControl Webservice endpoint that you can hit in your browser that will report back all devices and their corresponding ID.

      The format is below:
      http://{ipaddress of your incontrol server}:{incontrol port default: 1178}/devices?password={your incontrol access password}


      If you hit this in your browser you should get back some JSON which will show your devices and their ID’s under the deviceID node. You use this with IncontrolCMD.

      I am currently working on a newer version on IncontrolCMD which will allow you to specify devices by name and a few other new features but it’s not quite ready yet!

      Let me know if you need any more assistance.

      – TheNinja.

      • mydroid76

        Yeah, I’ve found that method plus the curl method and either one I don’t get any results. The browser just sits “spinning” like it’s trying to make a connection but no information is ever displayed and with Curl it just hangs in the command window, never showing results. Maybe I have something setup wrong on my “server”

        IP is static, Windows firewall is off, not sure what else it could be?

        I’ve completely removed and reinstalled inControl. Still getting the same thing. Any more suggestions? I’m running version 3.20.4933.23077 which is supposedly the latest version? Is there a “better” version i should be running. I know wither other applications i have dealt with in the past an older version may actually run better.


      • adamcaz

        That version is fine honestly. Sounds like you are connecting to the wrong port or the ip address is incorrect if you are getting nothing..

        Have you gone into ‘options > connection > server requires password’ and set a password? Are you then using this password to connect?

        That being said, if you don’t set a password at all it’s as simple as:


        Which will show all devices in InControl..

        The :1178 is important as that’s the port InControl is listening on.

        Could you perhaps post the http url you are trying to use and I can let you know if it’s valid. :)

      • mydroid76

        I have tried with and without a password i have changed the port settings from 8711 is how it installed out of the box to 1178. I have my “server” statically assigned to so the two URLs i have tried are:

        I have also tried port 1178. after changing it in the gui.

        Now i have it running in service mode .. I don’t see why that would make a difference but what are your thoughts?

        I just recently resetup my computer to see if that may have been an issue with some rogue settings or something.

        i have a good bit of experience with “IT” in general been doing it for close to 10 years so I’ve just about ruled out all network/pc issues. That’s why I asked you about the version. Not sure what it could be sounds like you just need to get on that new version where i won’t have to look up the guid 😉 lol … i’m just kidding with you. Even if you had a version that i didn’t need the guid it still makes me wonder why I can’t access that info.


      • mydroid76

        Ok, so it looks like it must have been something with that version. I received an email from InControl stating there was a new version, and after updating I was able to access the Webservice Site so thanks for all your help and suggestions, i will try and keep up with your progress but it looks like now i may be able to take advantage of your utility.

        Thanks again,


  • smwein

    Can this be used on locks?

    • adamcaz

      If InControl supports your locks then InControlCMD will be able to also.. :)