Belkin Wemo Control Plugin for InControl HA


InControl is my favourite Home Automation Software – if you are getting into anything Home Automated or ZWave related I do urge you to give their software a try.

Out of the box it supports Scenes (grouping multiple devices together) and scheduling (check out my article on cron scheduling though too if you already use InControl Scheduling) and has a bunch of features to make Home Automation easy.

AND as of today InControl can now control Belkin Wemo Devices with my new plugin.

Download InWemoControl Plugin for InControl HA

Drop the plugin in your InControl plugins directory and you’ll get a shiny new Plugin Menu where you will be able to add your Wemo Devices by IP Address.

Once you have added them InControl treats them like any other device where you can Mirror, Schedule and Automate along with your existing ZWave devices.

Additionally since Belkin doesn’t make an Android/Windows Phone App for Wemo Devices this means you can use the InControl Apps to control your Wemo Devices.

InControl’s Website is here for anyone starting in Home Automation or hasn’t heard of them before:


1. Set your Wemo’s up via your iPhone app as normal (skip this step if you already have them on your wifi network) following the Belkin user guide instructions on how to initially join them to your Wifi Network.

2. From this point your Wemo’s are connected to your wifi network and are discoverable via uPNP. This means if you open Windows Explorer and hit ‘Network’ you should see your Wemo devices in ‘Other Devices’ section.

Because Wemo’s are uPNP – Open Windows Explorer then hit ‘Network’

3. Right-click the device you want to add to InControl and choose ‘Properties’ you will see the Wemo’s IP Address

Right-Click > Properties > Note the Wemo’s IP Address

4. Install the InWemoControl Plugin in InControl

5. Open InControl > In the Plugin Menu select ‘Add Wemo’

6. Add your Wemo Device – Give it a Name and enter the IP Address associated with this Wemo Device.

7. From this point InControl will actively track the status of this device and you will be able to schedule, scene and turn it on and off along with your ZWave devices.

The InWemoControl plugin is still in Beta so it may have a few bugs but feel free to use it and shoot me back any feedback!

Happy Wemo-ing! :)


Belkin Wemo Control Plugin for InControl HA was last modified: January 28th, 2015 by theninja
  • akotlarc

    WeMo plugin crashes InControl

    • adamcaz

      Hi akotlarc, is there anything in the InControl Log as to why it is crashing thanks? I’m happy to help where I can.. :)

      • akotlarc

        Don’t see an InControl Log. If it helps, Microsoft Error report, Error signature says:Event Type: clr20r3 P1: mls.zwave.service.exe P2: 3.35.5014.14446 P3: 524057cc P4: mscorlib P5: P6: 4ba1da6f P7: 2463 P8: 0 P9:

      • adamcaz

        InControl has a log in its application directory which would help you here. It’s seems it is the zwave service which is raising the error – I would perhaps try running InControl as a standalone application first (not as a service) and see if this raises any noticeable exceptions.

  • Jenson

    Would you happen to have a newer verison of the plugin?

    • adamcaz

      No newer version required, this version still works with the latest InControl HA version.. Let us know if you need help or a still having problems with the plugin Jenson. :)

      • Jenson

        Just referring to this, That’s all. Apparently there’s newer version with bug fixes.

      • adamcaz

        Our Wemo plugin (InWemoControl) is different to the one you can purchase from InControl directly Jenson (and ours is free!). Ours is a little more flexible where you can add only the Wemo devices you want to control to InControl and doesn’t rely on UPNP discovery.

      • Jenson

        Ok, thanks for the clarification.

      • Jenson

        I’ve been trying this plugin for a couple of days now. I have a couple of WeMo Light Switches, after I switch the lights on with InControl (PC/iPhone app). The indicator switches off even though the lights are still on.

  • Graham

    Hi, I’m using the Free edition for trial which I have installed on the PC. I cannot see the Wemo Plugin. Have copied the Wemo Plugin to the directory as instructed above. Still can’t see Wemo Plugins menu. I have rebooted the PC. Still can’t see the Wemo plug-in.
    Free edition of ICHA is 3.126.5305.30731. This is just trial to see if it works or not.

    • adamcaz

      The trial version of InControl doesn’t support plugins Graham I think. I have a paid version.

      InControl is excellent though – for the price it’s well worth it to start getting into Home Automation.