Tosh.0 – The largest photo on the webternet

Tosh.0 - Largest Image on the Webternet

In case you didn’t know Tosh.0 is pretty much my favourite TV show in the entire cosmos, well that and Community.. A simple concept (just show web clips and make fun of people) with a smart, witty, hilarious guy Daniel Tosh to run it makes for fantastic viewing.

You can follow the daily shenanigans for Tosh.0 on Daniel Tosh’s Twitter – @DanielTosh – there’s always something to read about on there.. Or his Comedy Central blog..

To commemorate the largest digital photo on the webternet Daniel Tosh decided to do his own giant photo of Hollywood.. Have a look and see if you can find anything wrong with it..

I bet you can..


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  • Danielle Emmerson

    It’s seriously the most hilarious TV show ever created…. my stomach hurts from too much lol-ing.