Author: theninja

SOAPUI – SOAP functional testing and loading made easy

If you live in a SOAP world and haven’t heard of soapUI then you are doing yourself a disservice.

soapUI is an open source tool which allows you to design and run your own SOAP XML up against any web service and visually see the results come back withing the soapUI interface – it can perform full functional, load and validation testing all in the one application. Not only that it gives you full http, soap and error logs as well from the Web Server itself should you need to diagnose any problems with your Web Server or Web Service.

VMWare + Sharepoint 2010 + Project Server 2010 – Performance Issues with OWSTIMER.EXE

As virtualisation software becomes more the norm in server environments everywhere people want to do more with less. Specifically running Project Server 2010 (which runs on top of Sharepoint 2010) in VMWare..

Now while this is possible (make sure you have lots of RAM for this VM – 4GB’s is a good start) you are more than likely going to run up against the Sharpoint Time Service maxing out your CPU, or thrashing your disks, to a point where the whole VM Server is completely trashed and won’t do anything whatsoever. This is a fairly common occurrence and I have seen it on a few Sharepoint 2007 Servers also.

VMware Server – Web interface woes

VMWare Server is a great product for running multiple virtual machines on top of a host system (in my case Windows 2003 Server) but the Web Interface is sluggish and poorly designed. But for a free product i’m definitely not complaining..

On the weekend while doing some routine maintenance I hit a point where from any machine I was unable to access the Web Interface for any longer than a few seconds before it started returning ‘timed out: cannot communicate with host’ errors. I would be returned to the VMWare login screen, log back in, and immediately get the same error – around and around we go..